Speed Up Your Writing:

To write an essay or research paper fast, you have to hit the ground running, not walking. You do not have time to sashay around tossing out one idea and then the other, nor do you have time for a lot of revision. These five tips will help you get into the essay, write it, and get it done.

Pick a topic you know something about:

Try to stay right within your sphere of knowledge for a quick-to-write essay. Why? Well, how can you write an essay fast, if you are going to spend all your time reading—a time consuming affair of its own. Not to mention sifting the web, which will waste precious hours before you know it. So pick a topic—pick something you could do a one page freewrite about easily—and not waver—stick to this and begin your work.

If this is a research paper, go ahead and go find the articles you need now. If you need four or five fine, go gather four or five good, quality essays. Print them.

Make documentation easy:

As you print your essays, print out all documentation information with them ad staple that sheet to the front of the article. Then, you will already have all the information to cite your article perfectly, whether you do it on your own or input all that information into a documentation wizard of some sort.

If a book is required.

If this is a longer research paper with a book—then choose a good, solid book on your topic and use Amazon’s “search within this book to find quotes on certain areas in your essay. This is a handy feature to use for quick essay writing and the search will yield up the page number you will need to cite the information. Then you can just go back to the title search page and get all the book citation information you need on the search result page. Voila—it looks as if you have really really done your research.

Google books is another great source to use for book quotes, but it is much less dependable. They only have some books and the only books they will have fully scanned copies of are older books, where there has been time for the book to gain enough attention and acclaim for someone to want to scan it for the free availability to others.

You cannot cut and paste from either source, however. .Sometimes, you can get lucky with Kindle—via drag and drop—but you will have to do a lot of after editing.

  • Know your structure
    – it always stays the same.

    The structure for any essay or research paper never varies. What you basically want is an introduction which leads into a solid thesis statement at the end of the introduction proper, evidence paragraphs which make up all of the essay except for the conclusion, and a really good conclusion paragraph. That is it and that is all. .

  • Slight Difference

    The only addition to this structure comes to some additives to a chiefly argumentative essay or research paper – with these, you will have to include some type of acknowledgement of the other side’s major objection to your argument and a solid refutation of their objection. This is often called “overcoming the opposition” and is very necessary to any kind of strongly argumentative, take a stand, or call to action type of writing exercise. For longer essays these can total a paragraph in length.

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